Tom Hiddleston has seen The Avengers in costume

tom hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston is determined to have fanboys experience various shades of green, having revealed that he’s seen all of The Avengers together in their respective superhero suits.

The British actor played evil Asgardian Loki in this year’s Thor , a role that he’s reprising for Joss Whedon’s currently shooting The Avengers .

“I’ve seen everyone in costume, it’s great,” he tells MTV News . “It’s everything everyone has been imagining except it’s better.

“It’s funny how everyone looks so entirely iconic in their own individual way, but then together there’s a whole different level of iconography.”

Also talking with MTV , Chris Evans AKA Captain America revealed that he “geeked out” when he first saw the cast all suited and booted.

“It’s not an easy task for Joss to incorporate all these characters,” Evans says, “and not only is he doing a fantastic job, but everyone is getting along so well.”

The Avengers opens 4 May 2012.

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