Pieces of Her viewers cant cope with “annoying” Andy in new Netflix thriller series

Netflix users have found their new binge-watch: Pieces of Her, a crime thriller based on Karin Slaughter’s 2018 novel of the same name, starring Bella Heathcote and Toni Collette. And as is often the case with the streaming platform’s most talked-about shows, it features plenty of twists and turns.

A couple of shock moments happen in the series’ very first episode, even, as Heathcote’s Andy discovers that herself and her mother Laura (Collette) are actually enrolled in a witness protection programme, after the latter skilfully dispatches a gunman in a café one random morning.

Laura’s impressive actions lead Andy to delve into her dark past, despite her mother’s insistence that she leave town “until it’s safe”. And while the violent attack and the reveal are reaction-worthy in their own right, fans took to social media to voice their frustrations over Andy’s questionable actions instead.

“Watching Andy make stupid decision after stupid decision. #PiecesOfHerNetflix,” one person wrote on Twitter, while another said, “#PiecesOfHer Andy had only three simple tasks: get the car, drive to Maine, and lay low until your mum told you it was safe. Why [she] couldn’t follow instructions is beyond me.”

Is Andy gonna be like this the whole show? Because…😂. #PiecesOfHer pic.twitter.com/F9ghOz4TjJMarch 5, 2022

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I just started pieces of her on Netflix and this girl is annoying 😂😂why isn’t she just listening to her mom over here doing this extra investigationMarch 7, 2022

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Watching ‘Pieces of her’ gave me a headache because this Andy girl really doesn’t t listenMarch 7, 2022

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This dumb 30 Year old woman. I just dont get it. #piecesofher pic.twitter.com/JBNhdPlGpoMarch 4, 2022

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“All I want to know is if Andy will ever stop being stupid and such a baby? I can’t stand her, but I am now too invested to stop watching,” another tweeted, with a fourth adding: “I started Pieces of Her last night and the shit was pissing me off… Andy acts like a damn CHILD.”

One disgruntled viewer branded Andy as “the most annoying character I’ve seen in years”, as another admitted: “Idk if any of y’all are watching Pieces of Her on Netflix but the daughter in this show is making me mad.”

Created by Charlotte Stoudt, Pieces of Her also features David Wenham, Jessica Barden, Lost’s Terry O’Quinn, and Power’s Omari Hardwick. 

All eight episodes were released on Friday, March 4. When you’re all done with them, be sure to read our list of the best Netflix shows to watch right now. 

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