So PlayStation Plus League is Sonys new eSports platform for PS4

In a surprise move into eSports, Sony is launching a competitive PS4 platform called PlayStation Plus League. Discovered by IGN (opens in new tab), PlayStation Plus League is exclusive to PS Plus subscribers and has been leaked via the official site (opens in new tab) launching early in France.

Games listed for competitive action include Battlefield Hardline, Rocket League, Street Fighter IV, FIFA 16 and Project Cars. The platform is launching with a €20,000 prize during Paris Games Week but there will apparently be multiple championships across a slew of games with divisions in place for players of the same ability. The Project Cars site (opens in new tab) is already listing two tournament divisions where winners can compete for €50 and €150.

Expect more information on PlayStation Plus League and the leaked Driveclub Bikes (opens in new tab) at Sony’s PlayStation conference at Paris Games Week that starts at 5pm GMT/ 10am PT. You can watch the whole thing live here (opens in new tab).

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