Monster Hunter 3G: Capcom confirms no online co-op for 3DS players

3DS owners hanging out to get in on the Monster Hunter action, be aware: the 3D addition to Capcom’s popular series won’t support online multiplayer co-op. Home console versions of Monster Hunter (including the Wii’s Monster Hunter Tri, of which 3G is a portable remake) have allowed players to fight monsters with friends using the power of the internet. However, portable iterations on the PSP have permitted co-op only over a local network, a distinction the Nintendo 3DS version will continue to make.

The game will still support downloadable quests, but multiplayer fans will have to explain to series newcomers that the “3G” refers to the series’ established naming conventions, rather than any sort of mobile play (the 3DS doesn’t do 3G, so of course neither does Monster Hunter). Revealed via Capcom’s Japanese Monster Hunter support page, the news follows last month’s announcement that MH3G would also support Nintendo’s Slide Pad add-on. Above is the trailer for Monster Hunter 3G, which releases in Japan in December.

Oct 19, 2011

Source: Andriasang

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