Leaked trailer spills the beans on Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition DLC

A leaked trailer posted on Console Tech (opens in new tab) confirms that content from the currently Japan-only Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition will be released as DLC for Super Street Fighter IV on the PS3 and 360. The new content includes four new characters: Evil Ryu, Oni, Yun, and Yang.

Console players will also receive an upgrade to the game%26rsquo;s replay capabilities. Players will be able to send replays to each other, and a newly upgraded search function allows fans to search and watch replays from other players, including a new option that limits results to top players with 3,000 or more PP.

Meanwhile, it appears that Capcom is trying to take down as many copies of the trailer asit can during the run-up to the DLC%26rsquo;s official announcement.

Apr 8, 2011

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