Guild Wars 2 sells one million copies

Guild Wars 2 only just launched earlier today, but it’s developer has already announced that sales have hit the one million mark. That number is very likely to grow much larger as it only accounts for pre-orders.

ArenaNet said that they reached a peak of 400,000 concurrent users (playing at the same time) during the pre-release early access that has been running since Saturday for pre-order customers and press.

The wind is at ArenaNet’s back right now, and Guild Wars 2 is the talk of the gaming industry. We’re not quite ready to say it’s the next World of Warcraft of course (look what happened (opens in new tab) to Star Wars: The Old Republic after a strong start) but this has got to be an incredibly encouraging beginning to what will now certainly be a long adventure for ArenaNet.

The one million number comes in stark contrast to a report we published earlier today which showed The Secret World, which launched just last month has seen only 200,000 purchases (opens in new tab).

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