The Week In Sci-Fi

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Comic Heroes 13 arrives in shops today!

Splash the cash on Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance on Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, DVD, and Howl’s Moving Castle on Blu-ray and DVD, both in the shops today. Hooray!

A rather beautiful looking wood box edition of The Hobbit in audio adventure form escapes into the retail sector

Nick and Hank are on the case again in Grimm , 9pm on Watch.


Batmobile: The Complete History by Mark Cotta Vaz, Brandon T Snyder’s The Dark Knight Manual , and Prophets Of Doom: The Unauthorised History Of Doomwatch all arrive in bookshops today.

Join Mel Gibson in the post-apocalyptic madness that is Mad Max 2 9pm ITV4

The secret is out in The Walking Dead , 10pm on 5*.


SFX 225 hits the shops today! Go get it!

Ever fancied dating a superhero? Your mind might change after watching My Super Ex-Girlfriend , 7:10pm on Film4.

There’s more A Town Called Eureka at 9pm on Syfy.

There’s more frights in store at 10pm on Sky Living in Bedlam .

He’s the chrono-cop that can’t be stopped – Timecop , 10pm 5USA.

The ultimate pub conversation is settled in AVP: Alien Versus Predator , 11:10pm on Film4.


Mickey Zucker Reichert’s I, Robot: To Protect explores the world of robots in this Asimov prequel.

Alphas concludes on Syfy at 10pm.

It’s an all-out Arnie classic: catch Total Recall at 10pm on ITV2.


Noel Clarke’s ‘urban alien’ Storage 24 hits the cinemas today.

The Amazing Spider-Man is in games shops today on 3DS, DS, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.

Nicolas Cage is the flame-headed Ghost Rider , 9pm on Film4

Sanctuary reaches its conclusion on Syfy at 10pm.

There’s more Awake at 10pm on Sky Atlantic.


There are a pair of stories involving everyone’s favourite Doctor out today in the form of Doctor Who: The Year Of Intelligent Tigers by Kate Orman and audio adventure The Butcher of Brisbane by Marc Platt.

Londoners! Don your finest cosplay and head to the really quite brilliantly names Rocket Complex for the London Anime Con .

There’s comic goodness to be had north of the border at the Glasgow Comic Con . Guests include Frank Quitely, Alan Grant and the mighty John Wagner.

George Lazenby stands on the shoulders of giants in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service , 2:20pm ITV2.

There’s some Primeval fun at 6pm on ITV1.

Take a trip with Doctor Jones in the flawless Raiders Of The Lost Ark , 6:30pm on BBC One.

Tony Stark makes his big-screen debut in Iron Man , 6:45pm Channel 4.

Things get very real indeed in Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix , 7:30pm on ITV1.


There’s more Once Upon a Time at 8pm on Channel 5.

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The Week In Sci-Fi

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Grimm continues at 9pm on Watch.

What will Melisandre’s crazy smoke child get up to this week? Find out in Game Of Thrones , Sky Atlantic at 9pm.

Catch a bit of prime Brosnan in Goldeneye , 9pm on ITV2.

There’s teen werewolf horror in Ginger Snaps , 9pm on Syfy.


Sci-Fi London begins today ! Expect premiere screenings galore at the 11th Annual Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film. Alongside the regular shenanigans like the Arthur C Clarke award ceremony (2 May – invitation only), the anime all-nighter (5 May) and the pub quiz (7 May), this year’s special events include a Boris Karloff all-nighter (5 May) and a celebration of 30 years of the ZX Spectrum (6 May).

Bristolians! There’s a talk and Q&A sessions in An Evening With Stephen Volk , the celebrated British screenwriter who created Afterlife – get yourself along to the Green Room at the Tobacco Factory for 8pm.

Family fantasy The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising hits Film4 at 7:05pm.

Catch up with Kiefer and co in Touch , 8pm on Sky One.

There’s more mysterious goings on in Alcatraz , Watch at 9pm.

The Vampire Diaries continues on ITV2 at 9pm.

Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil continues on Syfy at 10pm.

Dont’ feed them after midnight! Actually, do, because otherwise there’d be no Gremlins , ITV2 at 10pm.

Classic zombie action descends on humanity in Dawn Of The Dead , 10:30pm on Syfy.


Fringe continues at 10pm on Sky One.

Stomach churning horror sequel Saw II is on E4 at10pm.


Catch season two of Lost Girl over on Syfy, also at 9pm.

Jim Carrey gurns as if his life depends on it in The Mask , 9pm on Comedy Central.


Rachel Caine will be at the Forbidden Planet Megastore in London signing copies of Black Dawn today.

Matt Smith makes his big-screen debut alongside Eva Green in Clone today. Exciting!

Cuba’s first zom-com Juan Of The Dead also hits the silver screen today. Expect filthy gags and creative zombie slayings aplenty.

Bruce Willis encounters one of cinema’s creepiest kids in The Sixth Sense , 9pm Film4.

Johnny Depp takes the lead in underwhelming SF psychological drama The Astronaut’s Wife , 11:45pm on ITV2.

What better way to welcome the weekend than with a bit of retro horror? A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child scares the life out of 5* at 10pm.


Edward Nortan smashes his way to the screen in The Incredible Hulk , 6:30pm ITV2.

There’s some SF Jeff Bridges action in Starman , 6:55pm on 5USA.

Tom Cruise struts his stuff in Mission Impossible , 7:20pm Channel 4.

Don’t forget your towel – Martin Freeman find out what lies beyond our planet in The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy , Gold at 9pm.

Frank Millar’s gritty comic Sin City hits BBC Three at 10pm.


Classic SF – they don’t make them like this any more – The Time Machine appears on Film4 at 3:15pm.

Robin Williams is the hairiest Peter Pan ever in Hook , 4:20pm Comedy Central.

Careful what you wish for , you just might get it – Big is on Channel 4 at 4:35pm.

They protect us from the scum of the galaxy – the original and the best Men In Black is on Channel 4 at 7:05pm.

Sienna Miller stars in GI Joe: Rise Of The Cobra at 9pm on Film4.

Round of your weekend with some top notch SF mystery in The X Files , 10:45pm on Channel 4.

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