Get a sneak peek of Total Films new interactive iPad edition!

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Total Film magazine is launching an incredible new interactive iPad edition, and you can get a sneaky preview (not to mention a free sampler when you download the free container app) right here.

Something revolutionary is underway at Total Film , and we’ve been getting rather excited about it.

So excited, in fact, that we just had to share a little taster with you. For in just over a week, we’ll be unveiling our brand new fully interactive iPad edition of the magazine, which will be available through Apple Newstand .

So you’ll be able to access the same great content, in a slick new format, with tons of bonus material!

Such as? Well, you’ll be able to access additional image galleries, watch full-screen videos, go behind the scenes of our photoshoots, get touchy-feely with our scrolling text, be wowed by stunning animated intros, skip to your favourite section, and much, much more.

To get a better idea of why we’re banging on about it, check out the preview video below:


Our first full Interactive iPad issue will be available from 11 May, but if you can’t wait that long to experience it, we’ve got a free sampler for you to download now .

To get the free sampler, simply download the Total Film app from Apple Newsstand on your iPad, and head inside for your free sampler.

And tell us what you think! Head to our Facebook or Twitter pages, or drop a comment below.

And keep your eyes peeled for the first full issue, which arrives on 11 May!

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