The Amazing Spider-Man releases two new posters

The Amazing Spider-Man has released a pair of new posters showing off the web-slinger’s new suit in all its glory. And from the looks of those scratch marks, it seems as though Peter Parker is going to be put through the mill in his latest outing.

The first new poster shows Spidey striking a pose, with a number of lesions making a mess of his spider-logo. A lot of the promotional material has shown Spider-Man in various states of dishevelment, and it seems as though the Lizard is set to push his limits like never before.

The second new offering reverts to the more traditional web-slinging pose, with Spidey showing off his wrist-mounted dispensers whilst swinging above a very noirish-looking backdrop.

Meanwhile, director Marc Webb has been busy talking about Spider-Man lore, hinting at some of the villains we might expect to see in the forthcoming sequels.

“If I say anything, there will be too much speculation,” he begins, before listing some of his favourite villains from the comics. “Kraven I think is great, Green Goblin of course is iconic… a lot of Mysterio’s stuff is cool in the later comics.”

There you go then… speculate away! The Amazing Spider-Man opens in the UK on 1 July 2012.

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