George Clooney will produce The $700 Billion Man

George Clooney and producing partner Grant Heslov are to produce The $700 Billion Man , based on a Washington Post article about the Wall Street bailout.

While we were initially gutted at the realisation this wouldn’t be an inflation-adjusted update of The Six Million Dollar Man , the politically-charged material does sound right up Clooney’s street.

There’s a possibility that Clooney could direct the movie, which will be written by Zach Helm ( Stranger Than Fiction ).

The article, by Laura Blumenfeld, was about Neel Kashkari, the man behind the Troubled Asset Relief Program which helped bail the banks out after 2008. Following the incident, Kashkari left Washington, and spent time living in a cabin in California.

Knowing Clooney, we wouldn’t put it past him to be eyeing an acting role in this one.

Next up for Clooney is The Ides of March , a political drama he’s writing, producing and directing, as well as starring in as a campaigning presidential hopeful. It’s set for release later this year.

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