Iron Bridgade goes off-planet in Rise of the Martian Bear DLC trailer

You may think the title of Iron Brigade’s upcoming DLC, Rise of the Martian Bear, is some kind of fancy metaphor or allusion to a book you never read in high school, but you’d be wrong. In fact, Rise of the Martian Bear is about an honest-to-goodness bear hellbent on dominating mars. And you know what? It kind of makes sense. Find out how in Double Fine’s latest DLC trailer:

Rise of the Martian bear will take the tower-defense adventure to Mars, where players will engage the game’s original villain, Vlad, and his army of monovisions on a retro-inspired version of the red planet. The DLC will add over 80 pieces of loot, four new defense missions, two survival modes, and a grand finale with Vlad’s post-mortem form.

“I really liked the concept of downloading his consciousness into the matrix, or into the computer, so we talked about what he could actually put his body into,” explained Double Fine’s Brad Muir in an earlier interview with GameSpot. “We talked about different monovision things and robots or whatever. Eventually people just started throwing out animal ideas, and I really liked the concept of it being a weird Russian circus bear. I just feel like that melded so well with Vlad—like, oh of course he totally has a pet bear that he just keeps, and his name is Boris. And from there the idea just got more and more ridiculous.”

Iron Brigade: Rise of the Martian Bear will be out for download for Xbox 360 and PC later this year.

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