Gears of War 3 collectors editions detailed

Gears of War collectors will have their hands full (and wallets empty) this summer. Epic Games has unveiled its Limited and Epic edition packages for Gears of War 3, both of which are set to drop with thestandard game-only release on September 20th.

The Limited Edition will retail for $79.99 USDand include an Octus Award Display Box, complete with an Octus Service Medal; a Fabric COG Flag; Adam Fenix’s (Marcus’s dad) %26ldquo;Last Will and Testament”; his blueprints for the original Hammer of Dawn; and a smattering of other personal family items. Each Octus Service Medal will also ship with a unique Xbox LIVE code that can be used to unlock the Adam Fenix multiplayer character.

The Epic Edition includes everything outlined in the Limited Edition, with the addition of a Marcus Fenix statue and a 96-page book entitled The Art and Design of Gears of War. It will be available for nearly double the cost at US$149.99.

Epic also released a new video detailing these editions in a retrospective behind-the-scenes video hosted by art director, Chris Perna:

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