Future Nintendo Prince of Persia/Rayman titles outed via Australian ratings

The games-investigating world is once again the beneficiary of Australia’s well-documented ratings processes, as classifications emerge for future titles on the Wii and 3DS in which you’ll play as a Rayman and/or a Prince of Persia. Classifications for “Original” Wii and 3DS titles in the Prince of Persia line have been released, as well as a “Modified” 3DS Rayman of some description.

Above: The ratings in question, to prove we weren’t lying to you (why would we do such a thing?)

As Joystiq points out, it’s as likely as not that these classifications point to Virtual Console releases of titles from either series’ storied history. Then again, there was a time when you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting a well-received new PoP game, so whether these ratings point to rereleases or all-new content, it remains to be seen exactly what that content might be. Regardless, both series’ history contain a notably low amount of duds, so it’ll be interesting to see what turns up.

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