Final Fantasy 14 will give you a special chocolatey mount if you buy enough Butterfinger

Final Fantasy 14 is giving out a special dipped-in-chocolate version of one of its cutest mounts, and all you need to do to get yours is buy some Butterfinger candies.

The Chocorpokkur is an extra-delicious variant of the fanciful Korpokkur Kolossus mount, a mossy orb that can totter or bound over the land on its tiny legs, or float majestically across the sky and waters with the help of its big dewy leaf. It is an odd but extremely lovable creature you can normally acquire from the shop in the Gold Saucer, and this chocolatey version will be available from May 3 to June 30.

You can pick up your own personal Chocorpokkur by buying $5 worth of Butterfinger candy and uploading a picture of the receipt to the official Game with Butterfinger website (opens in new tab) once the promotion goes live. Go through all the steps there and your FF14 account will be granted a stable’s worth of Chocorpokkur, with all the characters on that account able to summon and ride their own as soon as they get access to mounts.

This isn’t actually the first appearance of the mythical chocolatey creature in the MMO. It was previously featured in a choco-collaboration between Square Enix and the Lawson chain of Japanese convenience stores (opens in new tab), but this is the best chance for players outside of Japan to saddle up on a crispety crunchety Chocorpokkur.

Numerically speaking it’s only half the game as Final Fantasy 14, but we’re still excited after Square Enix showed off new gameplay details from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Episode Intermission story addition. 

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