Eli Roth: Career In Four Minutes

Eli Roth has had the sort of career most gore geeks dream of.

He started out at Troma, helping out on movies such as Toxic Avenger IV and Tales From The Crapper , before helming his own cabin in the woods movie ( Cabin Fever ), creating a iconic franchise with Hostel , acting for Quentin Tarantino, then going on to produce the sorts of movies he wants to see.

He returns to the director’s chair this year with The Green Inferno – which our sources say is his best film yet.

Roth discusses all of the above and more in the video below – check it out, then take a look at the other video we put up this week featuring Eli, in which he discusses his passion for Star Wars .

The Last Exorcism Part 2 will be released in the UK on 7 June.

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