Breath of the Wild players are racing to bake bread as quickly as possible

There’s a brand new speedrun taking the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild community by storm: baking bread as quickly as you can.

The goal is as simple as it sounds: bake a loaf of bread as quickly as possible in Nintendo’s open-world action-adventure. Currently, the world record for the bread% run of Breath of the Wild stands at 19 minutes and 44 seconds, which you can see in the full video below by user Xeryph. That sure is some speedy baking and ingredient collecting from Link.

However, it’s actually a lot more complicated than it first sounds. As you can see in Xeryph’s speedrun above, you need to shield surf over portions of the Great Plateau, in order to acquire all the abilities necessary to break out of the starting area as quickly as possible. From there, the user whistles to move faster, and clips through sections of the map in order to collect the ingredients required, like Tabantha Wheat.

This latest speedrunning trend for Breath of the Wild began earlier this month, and was first noted earlier this week by Polygon (opens in new tab). You can go and check out the current leaderboard for the bread% run of Nintendo’s game over on (opens in new tab), where you can see that someone’s actually managed to crack the top five using the Wii U.

This is certainly an interesting departure from the usual brilliant tricks you can see Breath of the Wild players pulling off all around social media. Just last week, a player pulled off one of the most incredibly trick shots we’ve ever seen, to take out a Guardian from hundreds of meters away with a bow. Here’s hoping the trend of great trick shots continues for a long time to come.

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