Elden Ring inventory management tip is giving life to even the foulest undead

Elden Ring fans are discovering a ‘Sort’ option for their inventories, and it’s proving to be a bit of a lifesaver.

Over the weekend, the post featured just below started gaining some traction on the Elden Ring subreddit. The post alerts players to the fact that their inventories actually hide a ‘Sort’ option, which will reorder their items in terms of when they were acquired, their weight, attack power, guarded damage negation, and much more.

The comments section underneath the original post is full of users thanking the post author. It appears as though plenty of Elden Ring players were completely unaware of the fact that they could reorder their inventories, and many would go on minutes-long journeys to uncover new items every time they were acquired.

One player has another suggestion for all those weapons you’ve acquired: put them into a chest. If you ditch all the weapons you don’t want into a chest, you can still access them from said chest at any Site of Grace in the entire game, thus offloading a tonne of inventory items. Every little bit helps in a game like Elden Ring, and it’s great to see the game’s community stepping in to help one another.

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