Elden Ring demake reimagines FromSoft’s opus in the PS1 era

The PlayStation 1 is not among Elden Ring’s launch platforms. But what if it was?

That’s the thinking behind a new video from esteemed demaker Hoolopee, who has spent a month recreating the imagery from Elden Ring’s announcement trailer in the style of Sony’s first console.

Kotaku reports (opens in new tab) that the London-based VFX supervisor and 3D artist used Blender, the graphics software, and has their work running in real-time. The characteristic features of the PS1 era are present and correct, covered by thick fog and grainy particles. The rough edges and visual ambiguity suit Elden Ring – pushing you to lean into a fractured world laden with secrets.

Hoolopee has a stunning track record for this sort of thing – having already demade Resident Evil Village and Halo Infinite. The latter is particularly fun, embracing the N64 era by replacing the pilot’s trailer narration with Nintendo-style grunts and on-screen text. If you’d like to support Hoolopee’s work, you can do so on Patreon (opens in new tab), and watch more on YouTube (opens in new tab).

If you’re wondering why there’s such a hoo-ha around this game, by the way, you’d better take in our Elden Ring review. Five star material.

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