Download of the week: Borderlands GOTY Edition

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Platform: Steam | Publisher: 2K | Developer: Gearbox | Price: £4.99

Download of the week: Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, which brings indescribable value to Steam this weekend.

Continuing its tradition of unbelievable deals, Steam has slashed the price of Borderlands: Game of the Year edition by 75%, bringing it to the downright philanthropic price of £4.99. Think about it – what was the last worthwhile thing that you bought for £4.99, and did it involve hours upon hours of crazy mutant slaughter?

In fact, at this price, download two copies and give your friend one so you can both experience the unbridled joy of Borderlands’ class-based co-op mode (it’s really the only way to play). If you already own the main game, there’s a chance to catch up with the DLC, which is also on offer at the reduced rate, giving you no excuse not to make a return trip to Pandora and rediscover this gorgeous shooter.

Want more DLC? Check these out:

Counter-Strike: Source | Steam | £3.49

If cel-shaded mutants don’t float your boat, then you can always get Valve’s peerless tactical multiplayer FPS – which utilises the same engine as Half-Life 2 and Left 4 Dead – for the same price as a Tesco meal deal. Everything Counter-Strike related is on offer, but this comes with our hearty recommendation.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike | 360, PSN | 1200 points/£11.99

Incandescent HD beauty, deeply rewarding combat and a chance to take SFIII online? Yeah, you owe it to yourself to experience this gem.

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August 26, 2011

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