New clip from Snow White And The Huntsman: watch now

Snow White And The Huntsman has debuted a new clip online, in which Charlize Theron’s wicked Queen Ravenna orders Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman into the dark forest on a very important errand.

Snow White has escaped her clutches you see, and the Huntsman is the only man in the kingdom to have entered the forest and lived to tell the tale. Not that he’s too keen on being bossed around however, by royalty or anyone else.

Sadly for him, the Queen has an army at her disposal, and her patience runs perilously thin. We’d suggest he get down to that forest sharpish, if he knows what’s good for him.

Take a look at the new clip below…

Hemsworth’s iffy Scottish accent aside, there’s plenty to savour here, as Theron’s menacing Queen finds herself at loggerheads with the cocksure Huntsman. The former has got the sexy villain routine down pat, while the latter is equally at home as the gruff badass for hire.

Looks like Kristen Stewart will have her work cut out measuring up to these two. You can see how she gets on when Snow White And The Hunstman opens in the UK on 1 June 2012.

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