Doctor Who Series 7: Rory Will Be Back

We knew Karen Gillan would be back as Amy, but now Arthur Darvill confirms that Rory will return too… But in what capacity?

Darvill revealed the nugget of information in an interview that we’ll be publishing later this month, but as he’ll be part of the Q&A for the press screening of “Let’s Kill Hitler Tonight”, and we guess he’ll be asked the same question there, we thought we’d get the news posted first.

When we asked him bluntly, “Will you back in series seven?” Darvill replied, “I will be coming back at some point… There is an involvement in some way.” And that’s all he would say, not wanting to leak any spoilers.

Karen Gillan has already indicated that she’ll be involved in series seven, but again, has given no guarantee that she’ll be in all episodes.

Does this, then, give credence to the story in The Star that (spoiler warning)…




…Rory and Amy would leave the TARDIS crew at the end of this series, but still make appearances in Earthbound, contemporary stories? Your guess is as good as ours. But the final episode of series six will not be the last we see of Rory. Hurrah!

He also dropped a few more hints about the “final six” of series six:

“It’s such a funny dynamic between the three of them now, because all that jealously stuff is kind of out of the way. Obviously they’ve found out that they’re River’s parents, so I think that brings them closer together.

“But Rory is put in some quite extreme situations where he has to really step up and deal with it. Really prove himself even more.

“There is an episode where we don’t feature too much, but it balances out. There is one where we’re in it more – ‘The Girl Who Waited’. I actually can’t talk about Amy and Rory’s past because of stuff that comes up in that. Karen is brilliant in it. One of my favourites.”

“There are a few brilliant moments for Rory in ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’, where he really steps up to the plate. I think it’s such a brilliant script. It’s really gonna be a good’un. Best title ever in the series, isn’t it? It’s going to answer lots of questions. There were moments in it where I was like, ‘You can’t do that!’

“‘The God Complex’ is like The Shining . Very creepy.”

“The finale is huge, but I really can’t give away any more than that.”

“There’s a stunt coming up, that you’ll see at the start of ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ which was a lot of fun.”

“Mark’s is such a brilliant episode.”

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