Dino D-Day Livestream @3pm PDT

It’s a simple premise: The Nazi party has discovered how to clone dinosaurs. And Nazis being Nazis, they proceed to strap weapons onto the already sadistically violent beasts so that they might better fight for Hitler’s megalomaniacal cause. The Allies quite rightly have a mind toward putting this plan to an end. WWII continues but not as you remember it. Now there are suicide-bomber pterodactyls and T-rexs with face-mounted machine gun turrets. You can play both sides of the war and control humans and dinos alike. We always wondered what it would be like to scurry around as a Compy with a grenade on his back and a thirst for blood. It’s high time we found out.

Tune in at 3pm PDT as we rewrite history and kick some Nazi dino ass. There may be some prizes given away too, so stick around!

Watch live video from GamesRadar on www.twitch.tv

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