The Killing actor Joel Kinnaman confirmed for RoboCop remake

Joel Kinnaman has been confirmed as the star of the upcoming RoboCop remake , after being linked to the title role more than a week ago.

The actor, best known for his role in the US version of The Killing , will play officer Alex Murphy as well as his metal-suited crimefighting counterpart.

If you haven’t seen him in The Killing , chances are you’ve caught him in a background role in the likes of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo , Safe House or The Darkest Hour .

His best known movie in his native Sweden is possibly Snabba Cash ( Easy Money ), which was directed by Safe House ‘s Daniel Espinosa. Kinnaman will be seen in Snabba Cash II later this year.

While we haven’t quite seen enough of Kinnaman to judge how good he’ll be in the role, he’s certainly got the striking jawline that the role requires.

He’ll be following in the footsteps of Peter Weller, who played RoboCop in the first two movies in the series.

Kinnaman was shortlisted for the lead role in Thor , so it looks like this’ll be his first shot at a blockbuster breakout.

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