BurgerTime World Tours trailer and website whet our retro appetites

It’s been nearly 30 years since Chef Peter Pepper taught gamers the finer points of making burgers while dodging homicidal pickles, and now downloadable games developersMonkeyPaw Games (opens in new tab)(Arc the Lad, PSN) andFrozen Codebase (opens in new tab)(Screwjumper, XBLA) have officially announced his 21st century HD return in BurgerTime World Tour.

Previously known as BurgerTime HD, BurgerTime World Tour offers a vastly updated take on the 1982classic, both in terms ofspiced up3D gameplay and extra crispy graphics. Mmmm…polygons. To demonstrate, MonkeyPaw recently launched a brandnew website (opens in new tab)and exclusive E3 2011 trailer showing-off Mr.Pepper in all his newfound high-definition glory:

The remake will come wrapped with over 50 levels, each of which are described as giant “cylindrical playing fields” that rotate in a 3D space as players run, jump and dodge their way throughtiered environmentsin their efforts to stack essential burger ingredients.

BurgerTime World Tour is slated to launch this summer as a downloadable title on the PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PC/MAC. Care for a nibble?

[Source:BurgerTime World Tour (opens in new tab)]

May 26, 2011

BurgerTime makes a triumphant return in HD remake
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