Altman be praised! Dead Space 2 receiving free multiplayer DLC

Because strategic dismemberment can grow stale without a little change of scenery, EA has announced that it will be dropping two new multiplayer maps for Dead Space 2 on May 31st for Xbox 360 and June 3rd for PS3. The maps will be offered free of charge, however EA is asking anyone who partakes of the zero-cost content to first attend a complimentary seminar on the life-changing benefits of Unitology. Ok, not really, but you should definitely consider joining. Seriously, I have some pamphlets in my space-van that I think you’ll find very eye-opening.

Called the Outbreak Map Pack, the free DLC includes two new areas: The Academy and The Concourse. In the Academy, players will be required to work together to escape the schools of The Sprawl by booting up the decontamination system and fighting back a surge of Necromorphs. In The Concourse, players will also have to work together, but this time for the purposes of fighting their way out of The Sprawl’s mall area and signaling a rescue ship outside.

It’s a little surprising that EA is giving away free content with zero strings attached (especially on the notoriously un-free Xbox Live). Perhaps the publisher is drumming up attention for premium Dead Space 2 DLC down the road, or the new maps will be littered with in-game advertising (Necromorphs Do the Dew!). What isn’t hard to believe is how Unitology can unite us all for the purposes of human enlightenment and evolution. To join is to survive! Praise the great Marker!

May 24, 2507

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