Blade Runner producer denies Harrison Ford return

Well, this one didn’t last long, did it?

Just one day after the rumour mill clanked into gear to suggest Harrison Ford was in talks to star in the forthcoming Blade Runner sequel, producer Andrew Kosove has come out and publically denied that any such meeting has taken place.

“It is absolutely patently false that there has been any discussion about Harrison Ford being in Blade Runner ,” says Kosove.

“To be clear, what we are trying to do with Ridley now is go through the painstaking process of trying to break the back of the story, figure out the direction we’re going to take the movie and find a writer to work on it. The casting of the movie could not be further from our minds at this moment.”

That would certainly fit in with the reports we had heard in the past, with Ford himself having distanced himself from the project. “I wouldn’t feel bad if I were not invited to the party,” he said last year, “because I would understand they would want fresh blood to be spilled.”

Meanwhile, Kosove went on to compare the Blade Runner sequel to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus , in terms of how the film will relate to the original.

“What Ridley does in Prometheus is a good template for what we’re trying to do,” says Kosove. “He created something that has some association to the original Alien , but lives on its own as a standalone movie.”

But one thing we do know is that Ford won’t be appearing? “In advance of knowing what we’re going to do, I supposed you could say yes, he could,” conceded Kosove, “but I think it is quite unlikely.” Hmm, that’s cleared that up then…

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