Being Human “Puppy Love” Spoiler-Free Preview

Our latest cryptic, teasing preview of Being Human’s next episode

1. It’s the funniest episode of the series so far – and the sweetest.

2. You might want to start following @Lycurious on Twitter.

3. Matches are arranged – in more ways than one.

4. All of our heroes get the chance of a kiss. Not all are pleased about it.

5. Doctor Who fans might be reminded of the Lakertyans .

6. A classic children’s TV series gets referenced a lot.

7. Hal’s OCD reachs an eggstraordinary level.

8. Tom suddenly becomes incredibly trendy.

9. Someone’s been watching too many Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.

10. Annie makes a truly mortifying mistake.

11. Prepare to experience shock and awe.

12. A certain ghost in a grey cardigan finally works out what’s preventing them moving on.

13. Tom thinks he can kill a vampire, but comes up against a champion.

14. When is a door not a door?

15. There’s an unorthodox use for pencils.

16. If you’ve ever wished you could get rid of your line manager, you might empathise.

16. Annie meets someone important, and… Oh, we won’t spoil it by saying more. Mum’s the word.

Ian Berriman

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