Capcom reveals new free-play Onimusha RPG

Capcom’s announced a new title in the Onimusha series, which hasn’t seen an update since 2006’s Dawn of Dreams. Fans of the demon-hacking series should be prepared for a few changes, though: the new title, Onimusha Soul, will be a strategy RPG with less fast-paced boss-fights and more number-crunching resource-allocation. Bound for browsers and mobile play, the game’s nevertheless being developed by Capcom itself rather than its casual subsidiary Beeline.

Set to debut in Japan in June, Onimusha Soul preserves the series’ Warring States setting, conveniently offering the same ready-made assortment of feudal territories and alliances seen in titles like Kessen and Shogun: Total War. Capcom promises a full-length original storyline for the title, though, and the character designs on show at the website make it clear that there’ll still be plenty of vintage Onimusha supernatural malfeasance to go around. The company also promises social components to provide both cooperative and competitive play.

Onimusha Soul will be releasing first in a free-to-play browser iteration, with mobile versions to follow. The game’s all-Japanese site doesn’t bode for an immediate English release, but with the series having performed well among Western and Japanese audiences alike, we wouldn’t be surprised…

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