Battlefield 3 premium service may be coming says report

Rumors are circulating today that EA might be prepping to make an announcement regarding a premium subscription service for Battlefield 3 that might mimic Activision’s success with Call of Duty Elite.

Battlefieldo (opens in new tab) is reporting information they say comes from a confidential but trustworthy source, it also came with a few other bits of information, including a March 2013 release window for an as-yet unnanounced fifth DLC pack after the “End Game” pack.

“Battlefield™ Premium will land you a number of content drops with unique in-game items not available anywhere else,” says the report. “First out is the one-of-a-kind Premium knife and black dog tag, plus a set of soldier camos, weapon camos, dog tags and Assignments that will make sure you stand out and get more personalization options.”

We currently don’t know for sure whether the information is accurate, however they’ve pegged June 4th as the date for the announcement. So we’ll find out at E3 whether this report will come true.

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