Andy Serkis talks Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Andy Serkis has several irons in the animal movie-related fire at present, with a starring role in forthcoming sequel Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes , as well as his new take on George Orwell’s Animal Farm .

Serkis has given a brief update on both projects, starting with where the Apes sequel will find super-advanced simian, Caesar.

“The interesting thing now will be how Caesar operates in this world,” speculates Serkis, “because of the virus that hits at the end of the first movie, and how Caesar brings an accord between the apes and the surviving humans. It’s going to be interesting where we take that.”

As for Animal Farm , production is still in the early stages, although Serkis has an idea of how he wants to approach the source material and bring it to a new audience.

“We’re taking it from the point of view if Orwell were writing Animal Farm for today, where would the targets be? It’s a fairytale and we’re keeping it as a fairytale and a fable, which will allow us to satirically pick our target.”

Animal Farm is slated to begin shooting at the end of 2013, while Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes will open in the UK on 22 May 2014.

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