Abandoned Jurassic Park concept art reveals human-dinosaur hybrids

Jurassic Park 4 is gradually evolving its way through the development process, as Kathleen Kennedy sets writers to work on cracking the story .

While we’re going to have to wait a while to see that fourquel, the darkest corners of the internet have thrown up some baffling concept art, apparently based on an early screenplay by John Sayles.

The images (many of which bear an alarming resemblance to The Amazing Spider-Man ’s Lizard), are wholly bizarre, featuring dinosaur-human hybrid creatures.

It’s hardly surprising that they were abandoned, given that they bear no relation to the mostly-based-on-science beasts of the original trilogy. The deviation from the JP canon even has us questioning the legitimacy of this art.

While the raptor-man has plenty of horror potential, the giant triceratops-troll looks like something out of a cut-rate fantasy flick. And what’s going on with that werewolf-Aquaman lovechild?

Check out the concept art below:

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