Dishonored – 26 things to do in the first hour

First hour, no power. What can you do for fun?

Dishonored (opens in new tab) ‘s main attraction is using your set of supernatural abilities in clever ways. But for the first hour, you don’t have any of them. What are you supposed to do for fun? Let our handy kick start guide assist you in your quest for brilliance! Why don’t you try…

1. Play Hide and Seek with Emily

You don’t have to do this first mission, but it’s worth it if only to learn the stealth controls and laugh at the sheer idiocy of this little girl, Emily. So go ahead and accept her challenge. Such as it is…

2. Experiment on dead (and sleeping) bodies

Whether dead or unconscious, prison guards’ bodies can be discovered by their mates, raising the alarm. You can pile them up on your old cell bed if you like. But be warned! Dropping an unconscious guard down some stairs or into water will kill him. Nasty business, really…

3. Go for insta-kills

You might not want to play nicely, in which case you’re in for a lot of fun. Watch out for tutorials on vertical executions (by dropping down from above) and also follow-ups to successfully-timed parries. There’s plenty of nastiness to see if you want things to get a bit gory.

4. Decap Attack!

It really does help to lean how to parry properly. A perfectly-timed parry has all kinds of benefits. Firstly, you don’t get hurt by the attack, and secondly, it’s possible to decapitate your opponent, like this. Gross? Yes. Morally unacceptable? Yes. Opportunities for more fun? Absobloodylutely! Are you ready for this?

5. Play ‘decapitated head basketball’

You can pick up heads and throw them around. Sadly, the blood splats they leave run out after a while (resulting in what looks like a bouncy rubber head), but until then, you can use previous splats as a backboard for some decapitated head basketball. Sadly, it doesn’t fall in the basket due to a clipping error, but still. Much fun.

6. Make a cranial bombing raid

You can also climb up the pipes to the right of the control room, carefully taking a head with you. You can then chuck it down onto the poor sap below. Get it right and he stumbles around in a daze. Get it wrong and he draws his sword before deciding it was ‘probably the wind’. Oh, stealth game guards…

7. Find out if two really is company

You could just be really weird and collect heads.

8. Or arrange body bits for your own amusement

But which one was his? NEITHER! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

9. Shoot down scenery elements

You can bring this electrical fixing crashing down onto a guard’s head (you can just see his ‘surprise’ icon amidst all that electrical mess). This may lose you your Ghost rating, but there’s no denying it’s entirely worth it. Besides, you can always reload. Oh, by the way, make sure you save often so you can reload whenever you like.

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