15 Sexy Starlets Who Should Be Bond Girls

Scarlett Johansson

Why She Should Be A Bond Girl: Scarlett proved to be an adept spy this summer – with Black Widow more than holding her own alongside her super-powered Avengers chums.

We’d love to see her go shoulder to shoulder with Craig’s James, as a fellow 00-agent.

Also, she’d have the best Bond girl voice since Honor Blackman.

Bond Girl Name: Tatiana Sugarlump.

Megan Fox

Why She Should Be A Bond Girl: She ran from explosions with her midriff showing in Transformers ; pretty much all you need on your CV before you get the Bond girl call.

Add the fact she knows her way around a car engine (or can at least look good while tinkering with one) and you’ve got Bond’s dream girl.

The Dictator demonstrated she’s more than happy to be paid in diamonds, which is Bond’s currency of choice, obviously.

Bond Girl Name: To be fair, Megan Fox is already a bit of a Bond girl name.

Lindsay Lohan

Why She Should Be A Bond Girl: She’s better known for her party girl ways than for her acting at the moment, but Li-Lo’s due a comeback.

And if she can’t fit in a starring role into her busy schedule, she could always turn herself into a silhouette for the opening credits, see above for proof.

Bond Girl Name: Dancer #23

Jessica Alba

Why She Should Be A Bond Girl : Jessica has been in some bad flicks recently, so let’s save her career by getting her back in a bikini and shoving her opposite Daniel Craig.

Bond girls need to look good in a series of skimpy outfits and, ideally, have a twinkle in their eye.

And we’re fairly sure CGI technology has advanced to the stage we can add eye-twinkles in post-production.

Bond Girl Name: Stacy Sin.

Elisha Cuthbert

Why She Should Be A Bond Girl: Cuthbert’s recurring role as Bond-clone Jack Bauer’s daughter in 24 has seen her facing-off against international terrorists, escaping bonkers traps set by survivalists, and running away from a wild animal.

Put those things in one scene, and you’ve got a Bond climax.

Bond Girl Name: Jenny Cougar.

Jennifer Lawrence

Why She Should Be A Bond Girl: In the first Hunger Games film Lawrence managed to dodge traps, kill villains and look good in a dress. That was also on fire.

Hell, forget being a Bond girl, we’re going to send Jennifer the Jane Bond script we’ve been working on for the past 50 years.

Bond Girl Name: Katy Everfitt.

Jessica Biel

Why She Should Be A Bond Girl: Go ahead, take a close look at the picture.

Now give us one good reason why Jessica shouldn’t come out of the sea in the next Bond flick.

Hell, she’s even played a character called London (in London) how much more Bond do you want?

Bond Girl Name: Alotta Az.

Mila Kunis

Why She Should Be A Bond Girl: Ukrainian Kunis was recently voted the most beautiful woman in the world.

Which sounds like a lot of Bond’s one-night stands to us.

She also has that feisty edge that makes so many of the best Bond girls so memorable.

Bond Girl Name: Like Megan Fox, Kunis’ name sounds so much like it’s been scripted by Roger Moore, we don’t particularly want to change it

Kate Beckinsale

Why She Should Be A Bond Girl: And while we’re on the subject, we know we’ve neglected the Brits in this list so far, but we’re about to fix that by putting together a run of three.

First, Kate, who speaks Russian (double-agent, anyone?) and can fire a gun and fill a leather catsuit at the same time . Next!

Bond Girl Name: Sally Pola.

Sienna Miller

Why She Should Be A Bond Girl: Miller’s already held her own opposite Craig in Layer Cake and, now she’s graduated from GI Joe academy, she should be more than equipped to fire a few Uzis and set off an explosion or two.

And we haven’t had a blonde girl since The Living Daylights , let’s put that right!

Bond Girl Name: Vanessa Frosting.

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