Play Bethesda games on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and win these custom controllers

You have another shot to win your very own set of custom Xbox Series X controllers themed after Bethesda’s biggest games, but you’d better get playing if you want to win.

As spotted by TrueAchievements (opens in new tab), The April contest will give a full set of seven customized controllers – valued at about $400 for a set – to the five players who rack up the most achievement points while playing titles in Xbox Game Pass’ Bethesda Softworks Collection. That’s 20 games in all, including Fallout 4, Skyrim, Doom, and all kinds of other stuff – you won’t be lacking for variety as you farm achievement scores late into the night.

The competition only applies to those games on Xbox, so don’t try to double up with the PC versions, and you must be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member to participate. Microsoft will pick the five top-scoring participants in supported regions as of April 31. You can peruse all of the contest’s official rules and regulations here (opens in new tab).

Microsoft doesn’t appear to have any plans to sell these controllers through normal means, so if you want one, you’d better get playing.

Original story: Xbox is giving away some very limited edition Bethesda Games-themed Xbox Series X controllers to celebrate their acquisition of Bethesda.

Just below, you can see all the limited edition Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controllers in all their glory. There are controllers themed around several major Bethesda game franchises, including Dishonored, Prey, Doom, Wolfenstein, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and The Evil Within.

May we interest you in these custom @Bethesda controllers? Just RT with #BethesdaSweepstakes for a chance to win!Ends April 16, 2021, at 7pm PT | Rules: 29, 2021

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Thing is, these flashy controllers are incredibly rare. They’re so rare in fact, that the ones you see in the photo above are the only models to be made, and anyone can enter into the competition for a chance to win. Entering is simple: all you need to do is quote-retweet the tweet above from the official Xbox Twitter account, and write “#BethesdaSweepstakes” for a chance to win.

However, you’re not just in with a chance to win one controller. Instead of giving away each controller, Xbox is bundling the whole lot together into one prize, with an estimated retail value of $399.99. That’s one hell of a prize for one person to bag.

This all comes after Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda was given the green light by the European Union to officially proceed earlier this month. After the EU approved the acquisition, it was finally official and is expected to go ahead and become finalized at some point later this year.

This means a fair bit of uncertainty regarding Bethesda games coming to PlayStation platforms in the future. Previously, Xbox pledged to uphold the PS5 exclusivity deals of Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo when they release later this year, but as far as games like The Elder Scrolls 6 or Starfield are concerned, there’s no certainty right now.

For a full list of all the games confirmed for Microsoft’s next-gen console, head over to our upcoming Xbox Series X games guide for more.

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