Xbox 360 doubled PS3 sales in November, claim analysts

Xbox 360 is November’s landslide winner, according to retail forecasts by US video game analyst Wedbush Morgan. In advance of NPD’s official report this Thursday, Wedbush released its predictions for last month’s tally, placing Microsoft’s console sales over Nintendo’s second place Wii, and double Sony’s fourth place PS3.

Forwarding his findings to investors today, Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter said the Xbox 360 sold over 1.44 million units last month, increasing its year-to-year take by 5%. By contrast, Wedbush reported the Wii sold 1.05 million units, a loss of 17% year-to-year; while the PS3 moved 750k units, representing a healthy 45% year-to-year uptick.

The estimates were backed by the Electronic Entertainment Design and Research’s (EEDAR) own preemptive report, which also put Xbox 360 in the lead with 1.3 million units, Wii in second with 1.05 million, and both the DS and PS3 in a tie for third with 750k apiece.

Microsoft’s predicted success is attributed largely to its record breaking Black Friday, during which it was reported to have sold over 960,000 consoles and 750k Kinects.

It’s important to remember these are estimations, and not the official numbers which will be published by NPD later this week. True, they are similar predictions made by fairly reputable analysts, but they aren’t cold hard results. Point being: save your fanbaiting for the real deal this Thursday. Or, heck, start now—Mondays always go faster with some healthy debate.

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