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Last year THQ ditched its long-running SmackDown! series and replaced it with the easy to remember title WWE 12. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a very fine update of what made the SD! franchise so good. The publisher’s WWE 13 just hit store shelves with new cover star CM Punk. We’ve got the full list of every wrestler in the game right here, and don’t forget to read our WWE 13 review to see how much we enjoyed this year’s entry.

CM Punk

Famous for years on the indie scene, CM Punk stepped up to the big leagues in 2007, but it wasn’t until last year that he made his biggest impact. He’s become the voice of the voiceless, calling out the WWE powers that be on their crap, all while dominating in the ring. After proving time and again he’s the best in the world, Punk looks to be this year’s cover athlete and star.

Chris Jericho

After taking some time off, Jericho returned early this year to challenge CM Punk for the WWE Championship and the title of “Best in the World.” Though he lost to Punk a couple times, he put on some great matches and has been chasing championships on both Raw and SmackDown. When not angering Brazilians, Jericho is making people tap to the Walls of Jericho (we liked it better when it was the Lion Tamer).

The Big Show

Weeeeellllllllll, it’s the Big Show, the world’s largest athlete and an integral part of the WWE for more than a decade. Known for his heavy hands and toughness, Show recently captured the Intercontinental title and got his first pinfall victory at WrestleMania. Of course, he ended up throwing away all that goodwill by selling out to the man aka John Laurinaitis.


Also known as the Great White, Sheamus has been part of the main event since he first came to the WWE. The pale Irish giant has won multiple titles and even joined the prestigious ranks of the King of the Ring winners. He’s proven that even a ginger can make it in pro wrestling.

Mark Henry

Named the World’s Strongest Man for legitimately impressive feats of strength, Mark Henry’s had a strange wrestling career. He’s shifted from unstoppable monster to ridiculous comedy character over the years, but until very recently, he was never a world champion. Now he’s stepped up as one of the most dominant heels in the biz, though we still miss Sexual Chocolate.


Beloved by mainstream and hardcore fans alike, Mankind was one of the more deranged personalities Mick Foley took on over the years. Known for taking huge risks in the ring and coming back from tremendous punishment, he ended up being one of the biggest draws of the Attitude Era. Mankind seems to be one of a number of throwback characters in WWE 13, so we can’t wait to reenact his classic Hell in the Cell matches.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Another of the classic wrestler’s seen in the trailer (WHAT?), Stone Cold Steve Austin needs little introduction (WHAT?). The biggest star of the Attitude era (WHAT?), SCSA battled authority and everyone else that got in his way to the top (WHAT?), whether it was Vince (WHAT?), his stooges (WHAT?). The Rock (WHAT?), or Kurt Angle (WHAT?). It’s been year’s since he last wrestled (WHAT?), but Austin will still show up every now and then to deliver a Stunner (WHAT?).

Undertaker (Attitude Era)

He’s been a star for over 20 years, facing virtually every wrestler of note in the last two decades, so we knew the Undertaker would make an appearance. However, as the first trailer showed, Taker is dressed in his pre-Ministry Attitude Era clothes. Will the circa 1998 version of the Phenom be the only one to appear in WWE 13, or will Taker’s current shaved head look from Mania 28 make an appearance too?

Mike Tyson

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