Wizards Tower To Publish Juliet E Mckenna

A Few Further Tales Of Einarinn

Of the five stories contained in A Few Further Tales Of Einarinn , four have been published previously, but only in magazines and other limited distribution venues. One story, “Absent Friends”, is original to the collection. The book also contains a number of black and white drawings of well-loved characters from the Einarinn books drawn by prominent British comics artists.

The book will be available for the Kindle, and in the standard epub format for other reading devices and computers. It will be available worldwide. A Few Further Tales Of Einarinn should appeal to all existing fans of McKenna’s writing, and provide an easy introduction to the world of Einarinn for others.

A web site re-launch, including a wealth of background information about Einarinn, will be announced soon. McKanna is currently working on her fifteen novel set in this world; the final volume of The Hadrumal Crisis trilogy, to follow Dangerous Waters (2011) and Darkening Skies (2012), published by Solaris Books in the UK and the US.

Wizard’s Tower’s Cheryl Morgan said: “I have known Juliet for many years. She wrote several book reviews for me back when I was publishing Emerald City . As well as being a fine fiction writer, Juliet is a tireless promoter of fantasy fiction. Few people I know work harder to help their fellow writers. It is a pleasure to be able to help her for a change.”

Juliet E McKenna said: “I’m delighted that ebook technology enables me to offer readers, new and established, this chance to enjoy these short stories featuring some of our favourite characters. I’m also profoundly grateful to have friends like Cheryl, together with Elizabeth Campbell of Antimatter ePress, to provide the necessary technical skills, in keeping with the finest traditions of collaboration and mutual support within the SF and fantasy genre.”

The book will be available through the Wizard’s Tower bookstore, http://www.wizardstowerbooks.com/ , on the Kindle, Nook, Kobo and through other online venues.

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