The Witness still being considered for Xbox One lineup

The Witness (opens in new tab), Game designer Jonathan Blow’s idyllic island uber-maze, has sold well over 100,000 units across all platforms. That’s without an Xbox One version in the mix, which Blow says will fall “under serious consideration” soon.

Though a recent ratings board (opens in new tab) submission seemingly outed an unannounced Xbox One version, it appears to have been an administrative move preceding the work Blow expects to do first. For the time being, he writes in an update on the game’s official site, his small, independent team is adding customizable controls and more graphics options to the first-person puzzle game on its current platforms: PC and PS4.

After that, “in the near future,” versions for Xbox One, OSX, iOS and Android will be “investigated.” Hint: They’re probably hiding in the reflection of a cloud that you can only see if you peer through the core of an apple that a philosopher coughed on.

While the Xbox One gets in line for The Witness, Blow writes that the new game has already more than doubled the first-week sales of his previous game, Braid, and despite being offered at a much higher $40 price. Braid was a breakout independent hit in 2008 that started its life with Xbox – and what was then a fantastic little online boutique called Xbox Live Arcade.

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