WildStar: first info on new fantasy MMO, CG trailer and obligatory pics of sexy female with rabbit ears

Ooh, it’s all happening at Gamescom, the game show spectacular currently occurring in Cologne, Germany. MMO super-publisher NCsoft has unveiled WildStar – the next PC game to sit alongside such favourites as Guild Wars 2 and City of Heroes on its ever-expanding roster of games that are online and massively multiplayer. Here’s WildStar’s lovely CG announcement trailer:

WildStar is described as a ‘future fantasy MMORPG’ and takes place on a planet called Nexus. Once the home of the Eldan – a powerful race skilled in magic and technology – the planet is up for grabs after the Eldan suddenly vanished like a fart in a tornado. So the general idea is to stake a claim on Nexus.

Above: Ooooo, shiny blue tower of light

In addition to choosing a race and class, WildStar players will select one of four ‘path’ types – Explorer, Soldier, Scientist and Settler. These determine how you’ll go about the business of planet-grabbing. The MMO fiends at PC Gamer have already had a hands-on with the game, so for more info on how the path system works, go check outPC Gamer’s WildStar preview.

It’s worth mentioning that WildStar is the first game from Carbine Studios and consists of a team that – among them – has worked on World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Everquest and a whole lot more besides.

Before you go, here’s that picture of the sexy female with rabbit ears that we promised you. She also has enormous hands:

Above: Seriously, those hands are big

For more images, head to ourWildStar screenshot gallery. Oh, and before you ask, WildStar’s release date is still to be announced. So don’t ask.

August 17, 2011

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