Weekly Replay – GTA 5 spoilers, Beyond: Two Souls review, and more

Once a week we gather together all of the most popular reviews, features, and articles into one place for your reading pleasure. This week, take a listen to our GTA 5 spoilercast, read up on the Beyond: Two Souls review, get our impressions of the Battlefield 4 beta, and more. Catch up on all of these articles and more by clicking on the links below.

Game names that sound sexual if you have a dirty mind (opens in new tab)

Why Battlefield 4’s dogtags are the most satisfying rewards in video games (opens in new tab)

GTA 5 spoilercast (opens in new tab)

Beyond: Two Souls review

The 8 wrongest romances in video games (opens in new tab)

The Top 7…Weirdest theories about the Pokemon Universe (opens in new tab)


The quest to find jetpacks and dinosaurs in this week’s GTA 5 O’clock.

David Cage’s follow up to Heavy Rain is finally here, but is it any cop? Find out in our Beyond Two Souls review

Official PlayStation Magazine

Find out how Naughty Dog made The Last Of Us with art director Erick Pangilinana. Here’s an amazing look at unseen concept art & the thought process behind the game’s development.

10 GTA Online beginner’s tips – make money & level up fast. Get a quick start in Grand Theft Auto Online with our guide.

Official Xbox 360 Magazine

GTA Online tips: how to make a million dollars in GTA 5 multiplayer

GTA 5 secrets continued: more mysteries, murals and murders


We could be seeing the next iPad very soon as Apple is to hold an event on October 22nd according to internet rumours. Meanwhile, check out T3’s Tesco Hudl review for a budget alternative.


Boldly undercutting Google and Amazon – is Tesco offering up a budget slab of beauty? Read our Tesco Hudl review and find out.

We’re still putting it through its paces, but find out what we think so far of the wrist device that Samsung should be worried about in our Sony Smartwatch 2 review.

Total Film

50 Movies That Used Recycled Footage.

Ben Kingsley responds to Star Wars Episode 7 audition rumour.

Tesco Tech

Got a new Hudl or any other Android tablet or smartphone? Here’s how to customise your homescreen with Android Widgets.

Stock up your tablet or smartphone with our pick of the top 10 Android games.

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