6 video game characters who have doubled up as real life fashion models

Lightnings so hot right now

In case you missed it, Lightning from Final Fantasy 13 has become the new face of Louis Vuitton, swapping her sword moves for flashy handbag reveals. If unrealistic beauty standards werent bad enough already, now even massively photoshopped super models arent pretty enough, youve got to be completely digital to be beautiful in high-fashion

Though this isnt the first time a video game character has sold themselves out for clothing brands. We’ve seen plenty of sports clothing in skating games, but we’re all about the high-end designer brands on GR+… Here are six others who have become shills in the name of fashion.

Prada as modelled by Lightning (and friends)

Wait, didnt I already mention Lightning? Well, she has quite the modelling career already. Before getting her new gig at Louis Vuitton she was the face of a mens clothing line by Prada alongside her Final Fantasy 13-2 companions back in 2012.

She was still finding her feet back then though, with only a few stoic poses and the need of her friends to support her. She was also pretty sad after seeing what happened to that Chocobo chick after Sazh threw it. But now shes so much more dynamic. Rumour is shes working on a new look called blue steel…

H&M as modelled by The Sims 2

Theres pretty much nothing that a Sim wont do to get their hands on a wad of Simoleons, so theyve shilled themselves out countless times in various DLC packs, including lounging around on IKEA furniture. But were talking clothes here, and this Stuff Pack for The Sims 2 featured nothing but fashion items from the Swedish giant H&M.

As well as parading around in a range of chic but affordable clothes, players can also build their own H&M shops with plenty of prominent logos just to make extra sure that you know exactly where their cool new outfit is from.

BAPE as modelled by the Nintendo DS

At least this collaboration seemed to work both ways, with Mario appearing alongside Baby Milo the Bathing Ape on the fashion brands T-shirts, while a special edition version of the Nintendo DS Lite console wore a Mario-themed BAPE pattern.

Its not the only time Mario has used his wholesome image to sell famous brands to unsuspecting children. He also loves to drive a Mercedes Benz and there was recently a stint where he was seen cavorting with Japanese pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to showcase her jaunty and bizarre fashion sense (the right picture).

Uniqlo as modelled by Monster Hunter

This partnership has been going strong since 2010, far earlier than when Lightning got into the fashion game. With their timelessly adorable features, Palicoes make for the purrfect model. As well as appearing on the Japanese clothes retailers T-shirts and boxer briefs, you can download Uniqlo outfits for your hunter or furry friend in several Monster Hunter instalments.

Most recently in Monster Hunter 4 there was a sporty, purple look up for grabs as well as a giant two-handed sword. Sadly you couldnt buy the blade in Uniqlo shops. Health and safety or something like that…

Ralph Lauren as modelled by Forza Motorsport

Yes, you did read that right, cars can wear Ralph Lauren. Forza MotorSport 6s latest piece of DLC adds six new cars sponsored by the fashion house, but its not clothes behind this bizarre pairing, its a fragrance – Polo Red.

I guess it does make sense if youve ever seen the nonsensical aspirational mess that is any perfume advert. If you can sell a tiny bottle of smelly stuff by letting some impossibly pretty people frolic in a field while laughing about how much better they are than you, why not do it with cars? Cars like to smell good too.

J.F. Rey as modelled by the cast of Metal Gear Solid V

You might as well look good while being good at looking at things, as this designer glasses range attests. It also explains why everyone in Metal Gear Solid V has such fabulous sunglasses. Theyre not just generic fantasy glasses, theyve been custom made by the famous French designer.

You can also pick up a pair in real life, with several designs named after the characters that wear them. And even though Kojima is no longer at Konami, Jean-Francois Rey enjoyed working with him so much he too got a range of glasses name after himself. Ooo la la indeed.

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