US TV Pilots 2013 Commission Or Dump? The Results

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Last week we published a round-up of all the sci-fi and fantasy TV pilots in contention for a green light in the US this year. We also got you to vote on each one, indicating how excited you were about them.

So, if SFX readers were US TV bosses, Marvel’s SHIELD (aka, the small screen Avengers without the Avengers) and Legends (Sean Bean as human chameleon) would be well and truly commissioned. However, the CW’s cynical-sounding The Hunger Games rip-off The Selection would be far from selected, and Fox’s world-without love show Dilirium isn’t feeling much love either.

Here’s the full run down; click on the title for more information about each show.

1 Marvel’s SHIELD
2 Legends
3 The Last Ship
4 The Tomorrow People
5 The Sixth Gun
6 Believe
7 Human
8 The Hundred
9 Intelligence
10 Second Sight
11 Sleepy Hollow
12 The Originals
13 Gothica
14 Delirium
15 The Selection

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