Tycoon sim Food Truck Empire serves up culinary chaos with its latest teaser trailer

It’s one thing to make it as a chef, it’s another to master the hungry masses and mean streets in Food Truck Empire. A new take on the tycoon genre, it will challenge you to work your way from fast foods to fancy neighborhoods, and even amass your own fleet of mobile kitchens and a team of staff. 

Shown at the Future Games Show, Food Truck Empire is all about making the most of your tiny kitchens, bringing serious strategy from everything to tweaking recipes to maximize efficiency, and making sure your staff are as productive as possible. 

You’ll also want to think about where your food trucks are parking up to make sure you’re catching the attention of the hungry masses – think busy bankers in the city at lunchtime, or strategic spots near parties and clubs for the late-night crowd. Of course, you’ll want to customize your trucks to look super cute too. 

Get it right and you’ll enjoy more money, better reviews, and be able to upgrade everything from your equipment to your headquarters. Get it wrong, and you’ll face financial ruin and never be able to look Gordon Ramsay in the eye ever again. 

Food Truck Empire will be coming to PC, and while there’s no release date right now, you can still wishlist it today on Steam (opens in new tab)

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