Two more Mario Kart 7 racers confirmed in newest Nintendo Power

Mario Kart 7 is burning down the tracks towards its December 4 release date, and we’ve enjoyed what we’ve played already, including all the new racers we’ve seen. Villains like Lakitu and Shy Guy were added, as was Metal Mario, all worthy additions, and now our sister publication Nintendo Power newest issue has an extensive preview for Mario Kart 7 that revealed two more racers: Honey Queen from Mario Galaxy and classic baddie Wiggler.

Honey Queen looks fine, but she’s such a huge and stationary being, it seems weird to add her out of all the other possible Galaxy characters. We do like that it implies at least one new raceway inspired by Mario Galaxy might be added, which would be amazing. We’re a little more excited for Wiggler as, just like Shy Guy, he’s been around for decades and deserves his spot. But can this be the end of the new characters or do any other mystery racers remain?

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