Thinkgeek Portal 2 turret is a semi-autonomous death-ray for the 99%

Everyone knows Portal 2 toys are delightful (opens in new tab) – but as those of us who sometimes open our wallets to see a little cartoon moth fly out can attest, living under the constant protection of futuristic security-bots can be a bit pricey. Thankfully, our continued monitoring of the “Portal toys for real folks” market has finally yielded this tres accessible sentry turret.

Thinkgeek is letting these 40” turrets go for $24.95 apiece (opens in new tab), which is less money than you’d expect to pay for a version made entirely of ones and zeroes. Admittedly, the latter purchase (that is, of Portal 2 itself) would come with all manner of Wheatlies and Propulsion Gels and whatever-else-have-you… but this one will float if you throw it in a pool, and is just waiting for you to do ingenious and appropriately frivolous things with it.

Warning: if you actually set this turret to guard your real possessions, frankly you deserve to be worrying about whether $25 is too much to pay for a piece of inflatable Aperture Science magic.

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