The Walking Dead’s final season gets first trailer and release date

The Walking Dead has just finished its elongated tenth season – and now attention turns to the eleventh and final season in AMC’s long-running zombie series. The beginning of the end has been marked with not only a release date announcement, but a new teaser trailer, too.

The Walking Dead season 11 is set to premiere on Sunday, August 22. With the show stretching its endgame across 24 episodes into 2022, expect only the first 12 episodes to air this year, starting from late August.

The first trailer for that final season – aptly named ‘Questions’ given how much is left unanswered heading into season 11 – reveals that Eugene is hurtling into a terse confrontation with the Commonwealth.

After armed soldiers surrounded Eugene, Ezekiel, and company in the closing moments of The Walking Dead season 10B, it appears Eugene has been dragged in for questioning by an unseen figure – potentially the Commonwealth’s Mercer, set to be played by Michael James Shaw.

There, he is asked questions. Lots of questions. It’s not worlds away from Alexandria’s original vetting process to let in new residents, though the Commonwealth’s operation is several times larger than anything the group has encountered before if their comic counterparts are anything to go by.

The Walking Dead may be ending in 2022, but the franchise is still alive and kicking. A Carol and Daryl spin-off will premiere in 2023, while a trilogy of Walking Dead movies and an anthology show are also in the works.

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