The Last of Us series set video introduces more of the games characters

The Last of Us series is back filming – and a new leaked set video has shown off the first footage of some of the game’s characters making the leap to the small screen.

Pedro Pascal (Joel) and Bella Ramsey (Ellie) are filming in Calgary and, thanks to a video recorded by dbaxter1304 on Reddit (opens in new tab), it appears that the characters of Henry and Sam are joining them in one scene.

New video of Joel, Ellie, Henry and Sam on the set of #TheLastofUs!🎥 u/dbaxter1304 23, 2022

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In the short clip, Joel, Ellie, Henry, and Sam are seen scampering from car to car, potentially avoiding an out-of-sight threat such as the mushroom-like Clickers. There’s also a closer picture of the quartet, highlighting Joel and Ellie’s game-accurate costumes in particular.

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In the game, Henry and Sam are two brothers that bump into Joel and Ellie on their way West to deliver Ellie to the Fireflies. Their sequences are among the most intense, too, with the drama, action, and tension all ratcheting up in a big way at The Last of Us’ midpoint and not relenting until the closing credits.

Their inclusion here hints that the first season of The Last of Us is likely to cover almost the entirety of the first game – but the adapted story will be “enhanced” from its source material.

“The changes that we’re making are designed to fill things out and expand, not to undo, but rather to enhance,” co-creator and writer Craig Mazin told the BBC (opens in new tab) of The Last of Us series.

The Last of Us series is expected to air on HBO in 2023. Until then, here are some of the best PS5 games you should be playing right now. 

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