The Almighty Johnsons: Dean OGorman Interview

It’s New Zealand’s answer to Misfits and it’s airing on Syfy UK now. SFX speaks to the Kiwi Norse God of Poetry, Dean O’Gorman

Catch episode three tonight (that’s a clip from it in the video player above) and read our Q&A with Gorman below.

Can you give us a brief description of what The Almighty Johnsons is about and how your character, Anders, fits into it?

“The show follows four brothers who just happen to be descended from Norse Gods. Anders is the second oldest brother and he’s the God of Poetry, which doesn’t really make him poetic. Instead, he has the power is in a diluted form to influence some people with words. Of all the brothers, he is the one most comfortable using what little powers he has and he provides the impetus for the brothers to go on a quest to achieve their full powers.”

Is he a hero or a villain? He seems a bit shifty in the first episode

“Well he’s neither really. He’s out for himself and doesn’t let sentiment get in the way, so that’s a bit villainous, but while speaking a lot of crap he also has quite a good bullshit meter himself.”

Did you have any knowledge about Norse mythology before you got the part, or did it just extend to Thor comics?

“I have to say I was pretty unfamiliar with Norse mythology. I mean I had heard about Thor… but that was pretty much it. I did do a bit of reading on the gods, but there are a looot of them!”

Do you mind “shirt off” acting? It looks like there may be a lot of that in store…

“Shirt off acting? Well… it’s better than pants off acting. Anders is quite fond of both of them though, unfortunately for me.”

What’s the best aspect of filming the series?

“I’ve had more fun on this job than I have in a long time. I really like the script, I really like my character, I really like the people involved, so it kind of covers all the bases. As far as I can tell everyone else feels very similar about it so it’s nice to work in a supportive environment. The good thing about working with these guys is that none of them take themselves too seriously.”

If you had Anders’s power, how would you use it?

“Sure, I’d use it right now on these questions.”

What would you like to be the God of?

“Odin probably, he’s the mother of all gods, I wouldn’t mind being Mikkel the god of games – make some quick cash!”

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