The 100 best games of all time: the argue-scussion

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As you’re likely already aware, last week we posted our100 best gamesof all time list. Judging by the response from you and other readers around the internets, we ruffled a few feathers and “left out” some key games. We assumed this would happen (of course it would, there’s no way we’ll include every game everyone ever loved) and spent a big chunk of our latest podcast defending and expanding on said list. This discussion/rant was part of TalkRadar 145, but if you’d prefer to hear it in isolation (and not part of a two-hour podcast), we’re presenting it to you now for easy access. And maybe then stick around andlisten to more episodes? It is kind of a popular show y’know.

And now for some shots fromthe preliminary meeting, where we had to make a case for each game and argue why it should or should not make the cut. You know those loud arguments you get in with your friends over the stupidest shit? This was like that, for five hours, about videogames.

Above: Henry gaining altitude as he yells about Yoshi’s Island, and why it’s one of the best Mario games ever

Above: Eric explaining the finer points of Blazing Lazers, and how it’s the best 2D shmup of all time

Above: Chris pretending to back out from the conversation, seconds beore leaping to life to defend Cobra Triangle

Above: Pretty sure this is Brett describing F-Zero GX

Above: Our big stupid list, which continued to grow and change as the meeting wore on

Eagle-eared (?) listeners may recall us mentioning a “bonus” cast featuring audio from the meeting above. We have it… but it’s not entirely usable. Perhaps one day we’ll throw it all up somewhere, but the audio levels are inconsistent and some people are extremely quiet, so it’s best to settle for our piece from TalkRadar. But maybe in the future…

April 4, 2011

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