Supernatural Creator Developing New Show: Deadman

Eric Kripke to adapt DC character for TV

The US CW network has signed up Supernatural creator Eric Kripke to adapt DC Comics character Deadman for TV. He will also act as executive producer on the series (assuming it gets the green light, of course).

Deadman is Boston Brand, a circus acrobat who is murdered but continues to live on when a supernatural being enables him to possess the living. He then finds himself torn between finding and exacting revenge on the man who killed him and using his new ability to help others.

The character first appeared in 1967 in Strange Adventures #205, created by writer Arnold Drake and artist Carmine Infantino, though is more famous for legendary artist Neal Adam’s tenure. He has headlined several series over the decades, and made guest appearances in such titles as Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing and Neal Gaiman’s The Books of Magic .

The show is being seen as the successor to Smallville , filling in the superhero-sized gap in the CW’s schedules. It was well known that the network was looking for another DC character to adapt, but the choice of Deadman is somewhat surprising, but also intriguing. Especially with Kripke in key.

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